Peaks Above Clouds


I’m Lily G

The Energy Artisan. I help people craft a life they love.

I help people raise vibration by enabling them to feel the joy of living, truly liberated from their old identity, reinvent themselves to whom they truly want to be.

I draw strength from my skill sets as a counsellor, nurse practitioner, hypnotherapist, NLP master, FengShui practitioner, Chinese Astrologer, Reiki master and strategic life coach to deliver a holistic approach.

I listen attentively to fully comprehend my clients' challenges and strategise with them on improving their situations.

I have a simple 3 step approach.

The first step is by interpreting their birth chart to help people understand who they are, what challenges lies ahead;

Step two is to identify and help them let go of things holding them back; and FengShui analysis of their home or office space to create a supportive environment;

Step three is to set goals, elicit their own success strategies for taking actions and making long-lasting changes.

Do you know someone who's terribly successful and deeply unhappy? Send them my way before it's too late.

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Before her services, my cat allergy was very severe. I couldn’t be in the same room with a cat because their hairs was enough to irritate my skin and cause my eyes to water. If I touch a cat I would immediately start itching. After Lil’s services however I was able to live with a cat and had no reaction when the cat touched me. Being a cat lover, this is truly a blessing. October 2020



A senior NHS nurse becoming a CNHC (Complementary Natural Health Council) accredited Master Reiki Practitioner specialising in Distance Healing. I'm based in London, England. I am a firm believer in complementary therapy and its place in modern medicine. Through Reiki practice, I promote balance and harmony between the Mind, Body and Soul.  I am passionate about using Reiki to help people heal.

Having worked on the NHS for over 30 years, I have seen patients whom conventional medicine could not help. I have decided to focus on Reiki, a complementary therapy that deals with the root cause of any dis-ease of the body by harmonising and balancing the body's energy field as well as inducing deep relaxation and a conducive environment for the body to heal.